Winter Mantle

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This is the first of a year-long series in which I will share my mantel ideas.  I will also share links to particular products if possible or similar ones that I find.  The concept that use is to find inspiration (Here’s the inspiration for this one from My Computer is my Canvas) and try to recreate it with what I have or what I can find.  After a while it almost becomes a formula.  So you will start to see that emerge.

I generally change it around 10 times a year, or at least I have 10 themes.  Sometimes I don’t get around to all of that so I do a more generic  seasonal type decor.  I will share both in this series.

For winter I like an icy blue and snowflake theme.  Which works out well since I love blue so much.  At Christmas I usually don a more simple, silvery scene; but I use several of the pieces in both.  That is the key to being able to change things often, being able to reuse a few large pieces then adding in the small details. So without further a due


Lets break it down…………..

The large H usually hangs above the fireplace.  In this case I traded it out for the subway print.  I have several of these.  I bought them from this Etsy shop.  I downloaded the files and had them printed out as 16×20 poster prints at Wal-Mart.  Go to their online shop, add the files to your account, and order the poster.  You can usually pick it up that same day.    They cost about $12 per print.  I also got the frame at Wal-Mart for cheap.  To keep them put up and out-of-the-way when not in use, I keep in the frame behind the current one.  I can literally have a picture for every mantle for the space of one.

The lantern came from Pier 1.  I filled it with a small snowman I had, along with one of those Snow Village winter trees, some fake snow and dollar store snowflake ornaments.  I finished it off with some snowflake Glimmer Strings.  I use it almost exclusively on my mantle, and in fact you will see it in almost every month in my mantle pics.  It was on the pricey side, but I have never regretted in that investment.  It has served me well.

The SNOW letters are just letters that I bought at a craft store.  It’s best to get letters that will stand on their own.  I laid them front-side down flat onto the back side of scrap-book paper.  Trace around them with a pencil and cut them out.  Then using Elmer’s white glue or mod podge, glue them to the letters.  Since it’s scrap-book paper, I didn’t even use a top coat.  Another method I have used is glueing the paper to the letter, then cutting around the letter with an Exacto knife.  The “O” win snow, is a snowman shaped candle holder I have had for years.  You could do the same thing with any pillar type candle holder.  The candle is from Party Lite.  I don’t know if they still carry them though.

The large vase in the back, I filled with various bowl fillers and blue Christmas tree ornaments.  I also put another strand of Glimmer Strings mingled in amongst the bowl fillers.  I like the Glimmer Strings so much because they can be turned on and off and the timer set with a remote.  You have to purchase the remote separately, but you only need one and it works with all Pier 1 candles and Glimmer Strings.

The banner I made using these burlap pieces from Hobby Lobby.  I cut them into the appropriate shape and size. I cut scrapbook paper to fit slightly inside of the burlap pieces then cut the letters out of glittery scrapbook paper.  I used a die-cut machine but I’m sure you could do it with one of the smaller cutting machines.  I punched holes in the top corners and strung jute string through it. I made it double-sided so “Let it SNOW” becomes “Be Mine”for Valentine’s Day. I’ll be making a tutorial for this soon.  I hung it using small command hooks on the top side of the mantle because there is not a flat side in front.

All of this is placed on a fluffy bed of angel hair spun glass and led lights.  And one more of my favorite things before I close…I like lots of lights, in lots of places, that are easily turned on.  Where I can, I use electric lights so I don’t have to mess with the expense and hassle of batteries.  Enter the remote control outlet.  I love, love, love these outlets!  I bought them for myself a couple of Christmases ago. Then bought some for my mother-in-law.  I plan to buy some more too because I use them at work and don’t have enough during the holidays.  I can’t recommend this product enough.  It even came with the necessary batteries and in the over two years I’ve had them I have not had to replace them yet. If you like remote everything, this is defiantly my pick!


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