Easy Valentine Center-Piece

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This is a super easy center piece that is packed with wow.  You can make it in under 10 minutes, it’s edible (well part of it), and it can be customized to may different holidays!  What could be better than that?  The other good news is I’m gonna take the guess-work out of it for you!  So you really can make it in 10 minutes after you have the supplies.  Let’s get started!  Here’s your supplies list:

  • Large Glass Vase (mine is 14″ tall with a 7″radius.  I got it from Garden Ridge years ago for $14.99.  The link is for a similar one at Hobby Lobby.  I have two of them and they are absolutely staples in my decorating repertoire.  You’ll see them in most of my mantles.)
  • Smaller Glass Vase  71/4 tall with a 31/2 ” radius – available at Wal-Mart 97¢ or Dollar Tree $1
  • Wide Glass Candle Holder that will fit inside the larger vase but is around 4×6″ tall (We’ll talk more about this below.)
  • Candy of your choice (I used Valentine M&M’s)
  • Flowers (real or artificial)




First, if your husband and kids are like mine, they are going to eat the candy no matter how much you threaten them.  So you want to make sure your containers are clean.  After the fact, I usually bag up my candy and write on the bag, “For decorating purposes!  Do not eat!.”  And hide them way up in the cabinet.  That’s usually enough to deter them.  They don’t know how old they are!!!  Anyway, clean containers.


Second, put the small wide container upside down inside the large vase.  The whole purpose here is to take up as much empty space as possible.  Even taking up that void I used 12 bags of M&M’s.  That adds up quick!  Although I will show you how to buy them on the cheap (see the *BONUS* at the end of this post.). Whatever you use, doesn’t have to be glass.  It doesn’t even have to be clear, or pretty.  You can use a can of peas.  It’s only purpose is to take up space.  The one I used is one of four that I purchased at Wal-Mart years ago, but here’s one similar at Hobby Lobby.  I use them,  All.  The.  Time.  My greatest challenge is that I end up spending an hour looking for them because I’ve used them somewhere and they just melt into my decor.  When I was getting ready to make this, I looked for them for about thirty minutes.  I realized I had used them to heighten some candle holders on my mantel.  What I’m saying is this,  Use whatever you have, but if you find some like these you probably will not regret the purchase.  Anyway, you might have to play  with this part of it, but if you find containers the size I have given you it will be perfect.  The challenge is to take up as much space as possible while not putting your flowers up too high.  You need them to rest on the sides on the large vase or it looks awkward.

img_2279After you have whatever you are going to use to take up space in place, you want to start filling your container.  Fill it even with the space taker-upper. 😉



Now cover your flower vase with a bit of Press and Seal® or Saran Wrap®.  Anything that will keep the candy out of the flower vase.  If you use Press and Seal® you don’t even have to take it off.  You can just poke a hole in it and use it to help hold up your flowers.  Your choice.  Set the flower vase down in the larger vase and finish adding candy until it is even with the top of the vase.


img_2313-1  img_2321 

Finally insert your flowers and arrange them.  I used artificial flowers that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I like red and pink tulips for Valentine’s Day but you could use roses, fresh or fake.  If you use fresh flowers you will have to add water.  Do this very carefully as the water will cause the candy shell to dissolve away.

So there you have an easy centerpiece with lot’s of WOW factor.  You can personalize this for several different holidays. Especially ones that revolve around candy like Easter and Halloween.  I do one similar at Easter using Peeps®.  It’s a little more complicated, but I promise to show you how.  In the mean time, I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy this the rest of the month!

*BONUS* – If you don’t want to pay full price for the M&M’s go to coupons.com.  Print out Save $1 on 2 MARS Valentine’s Day.  You can print out two coupons per device.  I downloaded the app on all of my devices and was able to print out 6 coupons for 12 bags.  I bought the candy at Wal-Mart.  They were $2.88 each.  However, they were on sale at HEB for $2 each.  Using the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher (found in their app, look for the piggy bank icon) and got 88¢ back on my Wal-Mart store card.  So in all I paid $1.50 each for a total of $18 instead of the full price of $34.56.  That’s almost half price!  Note that most places will not let you use more than 4 like coupons per transaction so you will have to do two transactions.  Also, check out Dollar General’s Saturday coupon for $5 off $25.  Again you would have to do two transactions but I am buying laundry detergent on sale today anyway.  Look through  and you will find something else you need to add to your transaction.






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