2 in 1 Wreath

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*UPDATE* I added a cute little banner to the “shamrock side” with some scrapbook paper scraps.  I printed out the word LUCKY on my computer and cut them into circles with my .75″ paper punch.  You like?  Everything is cute with tiny colothespins!!!☘️

I love things that do double duty.  I like changing my decor for each holiday, but it’s such a pain dragging all of that stuff out all of the time.  And having to pack it up is even worse!  How come something was in a box and now it doesn’t fit?  So recently I have begun to use things that are interchangable.  For instance, all of the banners I use on my mantel are double sided.  Since I made them all I can match up words of the same length.  Such as, on one side Be♥Mine for Valentines Day becomes ♣LUCKY♣ on the other for St. Patricks Day.  Not everyone decorates for every holiday so when you make things yourself, you can customize it any way you want.  So this wreath is for Valentine’s Day on one side and St. Patrick’s Day on the other.  You could just as easily do something else on it.  So i originally saw the heart wreath on Pinterest.  Then, I saw the shamrock one.  I liked both of them so much, I decided I NEEDED both.  Then the wheels started turning.  Since I made it a year ago, I won’t be able to show you pictures of the tutorial.  But it is so easy you really need it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

So you start off with one of those straw wreaths.  Here’s a little tip: They are less messy if you leave the plastic on them.  So just choose an area to start.  Pin  or glue the end of the yarn and wrap the yarn around the wreath base.  When you get to the end, don’t cut it yet.  You are going to place the hearts around the wreath first.

To cut the hearts, print this free hearts and shamrocks pattern out on card  stock.  Cut out the heart pattern and trace around it onto the felt with a marker or felt tip pen.  The side you trace on will go on bottom, but be careful with light colored felt.  You may want to use a lighter color marker. Such as, black will be fine on red but you might want to use hot pink or orange on the pink felt.  You can get 4-6 hearts to one piece of felt by placing them points in.  Cut out the hearts with sharp scissors.

Place the hearts around the wreath in regular intervals.  You will have to play with the distance and number of hearts depending on the size wreath you have.  Mine is about a 20″ and I used six of each color.  Once you have them where you want, you can place a dab of glue or a straight pin in each to hold them in place while you wrap the yarn around one way, pin or glue it in place.Then  wrap it the other way to make the criss-crosses.  Now you are ready for the other side.

Repeat the same process for the shamrocks.  Now, for full  disclosure, I did my hearts first, then decided to do the shamrocks.  Because I work in a school, I have access to one of those big die-cut machines and we just happened to have a shamrock.  So I cut mine using the machine.  And they are just a tad too big to not be seen from the heart side.  No biggy.  I did not tack them down, so I just removed them and the yarn that held them in place.  I am including a pattern for shamrocks that is a bit smaller so you won’t have that problem if you use it.  Still it may be difficult to get them exactly lined up with thre hearts and be able to use the same piece of yarn.  I did.  Mine is one continuous piece of yarn, but it doesn’t look great on the heart side when the shamrock side is done.  The picture you see above was taken after I realized you could see the shamrocks.  So I just unwound the yarn binding them and took them off.  I think it’s easier that way.  I could drive myself crazy trying to get that all to line up on both sides at the same time.  Felt sticks quite easily to yarn and if it won’t, tack it with a staight pin so it is still removable.  Plus you have the added bonus of being able to change that side of the wreath to any other season.  You could do mittens or snowflakes like I have on this one.  Or fall colored leaves, red and green mittens, or hearts, red whit and blue stars………..The possibilities are literally endless.  My recomendation is do one side, cut and glue/pin the yarn.  Do the other side but don’t glue it.  Use a floral or straght pin to keep it in place.  That way it is easy to unwind and change out the second side.

Finally, choose an appropriate color of ribbon.  Tie it into a loop. Then loop it around the wreath and through itself.  This way you can easily change it accordingly!


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