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As January is coming to a close, I will begrudgingly put up my snowmen and get out the Valentine’s Day decor.  I know that each year I never get to all of the projects I want to do.  Invariably I’ll find some super cute things too late in the season to get them done. So this post is for me as much as it is you. Here’s one last chance to pin all those cute ideas you want to do for next year!  And we’re all going to start on that in July, right?  And by July I mean the week before Christmas if not the week after lol!

1.  Sock Snowmen – I didn’t have enough time to perfect my technique before Christmas this year, but wrote a tutorial post for you when I did.  Check it out.

2. Stocking Snowman and Snowball Bucket – This was one of my favorite things this year. I will eventually get a tutorial written on that. I got this little bucket here (actually it comes in a pair with another that is larger).  I have to tell you the sweetest little story about it though.  I filled it with some fake snowballs  I got in a big bucket from Target the year before on clearance (note the link is to Amazon bc Target doesn’t have them right now). They are designed to look and feel real so you can have an indoor snowball fight.  I put a chalkboard label on it and put “snowballs 5¢”. One day my six year old son came to me with a nickel and 5 pennies and asked if he could buy two snowballs. Awwww, baby you can have every last one of them.  It was so cute and so sweet, I never want him to grow up!3.  I did this idea the last two years and loved it!  We don’t have birch trees round here, so I bought my logs at Hobby Lobby. For the evergreens I used cedar from trees on my property, put it in a galvanized bucket that I already had (they have one like in the picture over at Save-On-Crafts) and stuck some white Christmas lights in it.  Bam instant porch, hearth, or entryway arrangement. My very trendy and chic sister even ask me about it! From The Xerxes.com4.  OH MY GOSH!  I love these!  So simple, I can’t wait to make these! from A Place to Call Home5.  And this!  from Made in a Day6. Simple Lanterns with Pinecones and Greens – I’ve done a larger version of this for a few years to add light to my staircase. Fill with some remote control led candles and or led candles with a timer and you have some magical flickering light without the risk of fire. from Nelly Vintage Home7. Iscicle Candle Holders – I did these year before last. The link to the tutorial is broken but they are pretty self explanatory. I used a small paint brush, tacky glue, iridescent glitter and cheap dollar store vases.  from Homemade Home Ideas            8. Simple Center Piece – So simple, yet so elegant.  I love this one from Christmas is Back blog

9. A Scarf Wreath like this one from Tried and True Blog.

10. Fairy Lights – I discovered these a few years ago. My personal favorites are Pier 1’s Glimmer Strings.  They work on remote control and have a timer.  So you don’t have to destroy your arrangement turning it on and off!  They come in many colors and designs. I have them literally for every holiday!  I like the simplicity of this design from HomeTalk, and here is a fancier version of my own.

11. THIS center piece from Pricillas2000 Blog.

12. These Snowflake Mason Jars  and Christmas Sweater Mason Jars should really be at the top of my list.  Both from It All Started With Paint

So there it is…my winter decor for next year to-do list!  I’m sure I’ll be adding to it before next year. Until then consider following my Winter Decor Board on Pinterest.

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