Super Fast Way to Remove Labels From Glass

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So I was looking for a quick but cute idea for a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale and I stumbled upon genius. Here’s the link that I found to make.  It used a bottle found at Dollar Tree, but frankly I did not want to get out of my pajama’s.  My mom drinks those Starbucks Frappacinos and saves the bottles so I used those.  I peeled the plastic label off and commenced to scrubbing the adhesive off.  But it was Not. Coming. Off.  I looked under the sink for something to help.  I was thinking SoftScrub but realized I was out.  I found some Comet though and decided to try it.  I could not believe the results.  It literally took it off in seconds. I recorded this process and as evident from my son screaming in the background, it is unedited. The video is just 1 minute 35 seconds. I just sprinkled some on and used the rough side of a ScotchBite pad.  As you can also tell from the video, it works better if is only damp as opposed to very wet. When I first started, it was too wet and I had to add more powder.  Then like magic it comes right off!  I have since tried it on paper labels and it worked just as well.  This was such a lucky accident, I just had to share.

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