St. Patrick’s Day Mantle

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Ok, so I really don’t “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day other than I’ve always been fond of rainbows and I’m a fan of  NOT being pinched.  But sometimes it’s just soooo long between Valentine’s Day and EASTER, AND Pinterest has such cute ideas. I started noticing that year before last and then last year Pier 1 had some really cute stuff, somehow I found myself decorating a green mantle. Besides, my sister and I have a sort of Mantle Wars going on and I couldn’t be out done. For the most part, I used stuff I already had and added some green touches.
I only really bought the subway print, Luck of the Irish square, and green vase fillers from Pier 1. The rest was just a compilation of Dollar Tree and Walmart cheapos and stuff I already had or made/repurposed.  So here’s the break down.

As stated, the subway art, Luck of the Irish square, and green vase fillers are from Pier 1.  The green vase fillers are back.  The the two prints are not, but you can substitute the subway art with a St. Patrick’s Day Print from this Etsy shop.  It’s like the snow and valentine ones I’ve shown you my Winter Mantle and my February Mantle.  I had already ordered the picture from Pier 1, so I did not purchase this one from My Computer is My Canvas. But hers is adorable and half the price to print.  In place of the square, I could easily see a small chalk board, like this little cutie from Target.

The lantern is the medium from a set of three I bought a while back from Amazon. I bought them in red and did not like them. I thought they looked pinkish, but I convinced myself it was all in my head and kept them anyway.  The following Christmas my mother-in-law came over and immediately said, “Oh I like your pink lantern!”  I said “Thank you” and painted them that afternoon. I still wasn’t in love with the new darker red and I was flirting with some from my favorite home decor store (Pier 1 if you’re new here. Do you believe as of when I’m writing this I’m not receiving any compensation from them? I just like them that much😁).  So I went ahead and bought their red ones as seen in this post, and decided I would repaint the other ones again, only this time not red. So this particular one became black and I just love it!  Lucky for you they are available to order in black right here. Just click the picture to go to the listing.

I just filled the lantern with green Glimmer Strings that I bought for 75% off after Christmas last year. They do not have them online still but sometimes you can go into the store and get lucky (pun intended). I also covered a led candle with some jute twine and put a plastic shamrock button party favor in front.  The two glittery leprechaun hats in the back are actually a silly head band for St. Pat’s celebrations.  I just tucked them in behind everything else and liked how it worked.  I especially love how the lights made the glass look like it’s green. In fact it is just clear.  Love me some Glimmer Strings!

The glass pieces include this 1/2 Gallon Chalk Note Canister from Pier 1 that I already owned  filled with Rolos.  This piece could easily be copied using any small jar and a chalkboard sticker like these on Amazon.

The hurricane glass candle holder is an older Pier 1 piece that is no longer available but could easily be replicated with Dollar Tree hurricane candle holder.  In fact the piece that is on the large wooden pillar holder is a smaller glass hurricane with dried peas in it.  Because I knew I would not be keeping it up too long, I did not want to spend a lot of time and money.  I purchased things like dried green peas and green sand at the Dollar Tree to use in different pieces.img_1091-2
The Large Glass Jar with Lid  from Hobby Lobby is one of my staple pieces featured in many of my mantles.  I filled it with various bowl fillers, left over Christmas ornaments, and of course more Glimmer Strings.  The little rock in front came from the Dollar Tree. I sat it on top of one of those candle holders I use to get height and voids in my arrangements like in my Easy Valentine Center-Piece.  In this case I turned it upside down and filled it with some Reindeer Moss found in the floral section of Hobby Lobby.  I also used some of this in the jar to bring in some of that earthy, green feel.

The L♣CK sign I just made and printed off on my computer. Click here for your free copy.  I printed it on lamented burlap paper that I got in the craft section of WalMart and put it into a $3 document frame.  The green mason jar is from a pastel set that I made for Easter in pink, green, blue, yellow and lavender.  I popped in some Dollar Tree green carnations to top it off.

Finally, I finished it off with a LUCKY Banner that I made with burlap pieces, scrapbook paper, and jute.  I make these banners two-sided so I have them for every season without HAVING them for every season  I try to match them up where I just flip them every other month or so.  Behind “LUCKY” is the “HAPPY” in HAPPY EASTER.

So, are you feeling LUCKY?  Don’t forget to try my 2 in 1 Valentine/Shamrock Wreath!

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