IMG_1994Hi! I’m Laurie Henagan.  I’m a wife, a mother of a 6 year old son, a 7th grade teacher (I know, I know, It takes a special person), and an avid crafter.  Crafting helps me deal with the overwhelming stress that my profession brings.  Disenchanted with the state of public education but still loving to teach, I decided to start this blog as way to supplement my income in hopes of eventually ditching my job.  It is my mission to inspire you to create beautiful things, teach you a few tricks to to make your crafting dollars go further, and write detailed tutorials that allow anyone, crafty or not, to produce projects that bring a smile 😊.  After all, we don’t have the craft to live. We craft to make ourselves and those around us happy and and to create a deep sense of accomplishment that only producing something with your own hands can satisfy. My Blue Bliss…Blue because it’s my favorite color and has been all my life.  Bliss because this is my happy place and I hope you will make it yours!  Happy Crafting!